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The company has a wide range of edible oils spanning across the categories of Soya, Palm and Mustard. We are determined to improve the quality of people's lives by providing constantly improved quality products with full customer satisfaction.



Simply Fresh Soyabean Oil

Simply Fresh Soyabean Oil is a refined soybean oil, also known as ‘all-purpose cooking oil’. It has the ability to improve eyesight and bones    Read More


Simply Gold Palm Oil

Simply Gold Palm Oil is a refined palmolein oil. It has the ability to improve eyesight and bones as it is fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D.   Read More


Sakar Blended Vegetable Oil

Sakar Lite is blended edible vegetable oil
(a mixture of rice bran and Kachi Ghani). It contains M.U.F.A and P.U.F.A, which protect your   Read More


Shrestha Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Simply Fresh ‘Kachi Ghani’ mustard oil is made from the first press of mustard in the traditional way by slowly crushing the best mustard seeds   Read More


Simply Fresh Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has light colour, neutral flavour and high smoke point which allows sunflower oil to hold on to its nutritional content even   Read More


Simply Fresh Rice Bran Oil

Refined Rice Bran oil a new entrant in the cooking oil segment and is considered to be a healthier oil option available at present.  Read More


Fresh Refined Groundnut Oil

he goodness of Groundnut can be consumed in an entirely different form as well – groundnut oil (also known as peanut oil).  Read More


Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil is commonly used in processed foods because of its ability to extend shelf life. Some of these products are cookies   Read more

Why BNR Products / Enthralling reasons to choose BNR

Healthy cooking oils that transform simple home cooked meals into gourmet cuisine

Heart-friendly oils that are manufactured with the sole aim of providing the best

Made with a raw material sourced from the best in business

Lab tested at every stage and in adherence with the quality and the safety standards


Our family loves the taste of food cooked in Simply Fresh refined oil. –

Mrs. Vandana Choudhary


Simply fresh oil helps us to get the proper amount of vitamin E which is very good for our health. So, change your usual cooking oil with Simply fresh cooking oil and enjoy delicious food without any concerns about health.

Rahul Verma

Food Blogger